Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Travelling Safe

It is always important to take good care of your health, while you must always make an extra effort to remain healthy when travelling. Whether you are traveling with children or alone for vacation, you can get sick easily. This happens because your body is not ready to accept the environmental change. Moreover, it also does not get the chance to adjust itself to the change in food, water and air. Here are some useful traveling tips that you must know so you can enjoy your vacation in good health.
1. Do Not Take Vacation from Health
The excitement and stress of traveling can make you sick, however, if you follow some simple tips, you can stay healthy during the entire vacation. Being an adult, you have a strong immune system, but a poor diet and lack of sleep can make you fall sick very easily.
The more important task if you are heading overseas is to look out for vaccinations that you will need. Each country has its own requirements for vaccinations. You can contact the local disease prevention and control center to give you a list of mandatory vaccinations.
2. Safe Eating and Drinking
This is one of the most important traveling tips to observe before you fly. Usually all edible items that have been boiled are safe to eat including vegetables and fruits that require peeling. Avoid eating less cooked meat or meat that is cooked several hours before serving. If dining out, avoid foods that maintain contact with human hands in order to get cooked. All these precautions are temporary so you may enjoy a safe vacation.
3. Write down Everything
Before you pack your luggage, write down all your vital medical information that would help the health workers make important decisions. You must carry along documents stating your immunization, blood type, your doctor, contact details, insurance carrier, health policy number, list of current health problems along with prescribed medications, details of any food allergies and an emergency number.
4. Pack Your Medication
You can pack all the necessary medication and supplies as you might not be able to find them overseas. Even if luckily you find them, there could be stronger or weaker formulations compared to the ones that you take.
Take allergy medication, inhalers, insulin, vitamins, contact lens cleaners, over-the-counter medication such as pain relievers, balm, acetaminophen etc. Also take some OTC allergy medication as sometimes many people develop allergies to pollen and various allergens in new surroundings. These medications are very useful if you are traveling with children.

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