Friday, 15 May 2015

Travel the USA for Cheap

Traveling in the USA can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be expensive. With the right knowledge, however, and a bit of an adventurous spirit, you can travel across the US on a tight budget.  How to travel cheap in the USA includes the follow tips:

·         Stay from touristy traps! Common tourist attractions have a plethora of tourist shops and restaurants sponging off them. Often these shops sell mediocre merchandise at overblown prices. These specific shops as known as “tourist traps.” Beware of spending too much time at tourist traps. When you visit a tourist site, purchase your food and souvenirs further away from the attraction.

·         Air flights are the most common way to travel in the USA. Most airlines offer tickets at reduced prices, but you need to search out the bargains. If you purchase tickets in advance, include a Saturday night stay. There are also great bargains if you have a flexible itinerary and test different options. Look at small local airlines, too, for great deals.

·         Look at a bus tour as cheap travel in the USA. Bus travel does take seal days however, and your must provide your own meals and lodging. You can find special reduced rates for international and student travelers. A bus tour lets you see the country at a slow pace, and often buses stop in out of the way places.

·         Trying to find a good train system to travel cheap across the USA is almost impossible. Rail travel is expense, inconvenient, and unreliable. With this said, if you plan to travel between major Eastern cities, trains can be an economical means of travel.

·         Backpacking is popular and very cheap in the USA, but do avoid hitchhiking. Don’t let glamorous movies showing hitchhikers having a great time color your ideas. The opposite is usually true. Hitching is dangerous and illegal. If you want cheap places to stay, however, try hitchhiking and you will be spending the night in a local jail.

Cheap accommodations in the USA.

·         If you are traveling through the rural part of America, you can find national parks that have campsites with cheap rates. Camping sites include a grill for cooking, a space for tents, and a communal toilet and shower area. Pay a bit more and stay in a private camping area that might include hot water, swimming pools, Laundromats and grocery stores.

·         Large universities across the USA rent out dormitory rooms during the summer months.  Call the department of universities and get information for cheap stays. You may be able to rent a dormitory room for as little as $100 a week.

·         The UMCA and YWCA offer inexpensive lodging. The room prices include showers and sometimes hot meal. These rooms are a bit more expensive than other forms of cheap housing, but they are also very reliable and comfortable.

·         Hostels are not as common in the USA as they are in Europe, but they are gaining popularity in the US and often you can find one off the beaten track. For a small fee, you get a bed with a hot shower and sometimes free breakfast. You may have to provide our own linens. Be sure to ask about linens and blankets when you book your cheap hostel room.

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