Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Outdoors :: RV Camping in Western USA

RV camping enables one to enjoy the nature while providing the luxuries of home. The western part of United States offer a large number of scenic and beautiful locations for RV camping. In fact, RV camping in western United States includes the RV campgrounds of California, Arizona, Washington, Wyoming, New Mexico, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Colorado and Utah. Apart from the private owned RV parks, there are several public and state parks in this part of the country. These state parks offer great camping facilities for travelers. The following are some of the RV camping options that travelers can consider while travelling the western part of United States.

The national forests of the west: The national forests of USA are dedicated to preserve the natural and cultural history of the country. The United States Forest Service offers numerous camping facilities for RV campers. Campsites are available for overnight stay as well as for extended stay for up to 14 days. The RV campgrounds of national forests come with basic facilities. Most of them have paved and well-maintained roads. Such RV camping facilities are usually suitable for most sizes of recreational vehicles. They also allow tent camping. In addition, the national forests provide several recreational opportunities such as hiking, boating, fishing, and hunting.

The national parks in the western USA: RV campers can camp at some of the most beautiful and world-renowned places of the world, thanks to the western USA?s national parks. Some of the amazing places campers can stay while travelling this part of the country include Yellowstone, Glacier, Yosemite, and Grand Canyon National Parks. In addition, this area is home to some lesser-known, yet scenic parks like Great Basin and Lassen Volcanic National Park. Like the national forests, these national parks offer tours and exhibit the natural and cultural history of United States. They too offer basic RV camping amenities and can accommodate most sizes of recreational vehicles. Prio9r reservation is recommended, as national parks attract visitors during seasons.

The western state parks: State parks of the west offer great RV camping destinations. There are several scenic and well-known state parks in part of the country including Blake Island State Park, Valley of Fire State Park, Point Lobos State Park, Guy Talbot State Park, and Hot Springs State Park. Just like the national forests and parks, state parks offer some basic RV camping amenities. Most of them allow electric hookups and tent camping sites. However, some of these state parks also offer cabin rentals. In addition, modern amenities like WiFi Internet access are available in some of the state parks. A few also offers camp stores and amphitheaters. In general, state parks allow walk-in reservations; however, prior reservation is recommended during seasons.

Boondocking in the west: Boondocking is for the serious campers who prefer to enjoy the real charm of the nature. Moreover, it is ideal for RV travelers who want to camp out for considerable length of time out in the wild. However, the term boondocking has different meaning to different people. For some, it is free overnight parking in Walmart, public parks or truck stops; whereas, for some it is camping out in the wild without any access to RV hookups. In both the cases, it is free camping. And the western part of the country offers numerous locations for boondocking. However, make sure the area where you are planning to park the recreational vehicle overnight allows boondocking.

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