Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Travel in Spain for Cheap

As far back as 1999, Spain was considered the go-to destination for your holiday or vacation.
However, this changed after it adopted the Euro as a currency. This forced Spain to raise its process and costs. However, it is now gaining back its former holiday destination status with more and more visitors wanting to visit this majestic land. From the streets of Madrid to the sandy beaches and even its very memorable culture, it is possible to enjoy yourself by taking holidays in Spain.

When it comes to travelling in Spain, it is important to put some few tips into consideration so you can spend less on travel and more on your holiday. You can visit a travel agency either physically or online to learn more about travel packages to Spain. When travelling by air, agencies will advise you to make your bookings early, preferably weeks in advance. This is because you can take advantage of cheaper air fares. In fact, the closer you book a ticket to your departure date, the more expensive it will be. You should also consider when making the advance booking to make sure you opt for return tickets. This is much easier than purchasing one way tickets. Travel agencies, good ones anyway, will give you a full holiday package that includes travel to and from Spain as well as within the country. This means that you make one-off payments and do not have to worry about travelling within Spain at extra costs.

Now that you have managed to travel to Spain for cheap, it is time to enjoy the sights and sounds of this beautiful country. It is said that most people prefer to travel by train while in Spain as it is considered cheaper and less hectic compared to a bus. However, it is actually cheaper to travel by bus. However, some of Spain’s main towns have the underground train system which is easy to follow and also has some amazing yet affordable offers for those looking to tour the cities. You can even choose to hire a car or van which you can cost share with others on the trip so as to cut your transport costs.

For those looking for adventure, you can choose to enjoy Spain while on a bicycle. In areas such as Camino de Santiago, there is the 300 mile stretch from the French Border to this Spanish town. You can spend months along this stretch making new friends, enjoying the scenery and learning more about the Spanish Culture. The main cost when it comes to such an adventure is food, drink and something small to donate to the homes or hostels you will find along the way.

Some of the many ways that you can get to travel cheap and spend less on travel expenses is through taking town tours to historical sites on special days. By special days, we mean open days where you do not have to pay entrance charges to enjoy the views. In addition, you can plan for shopping days where you will simply be walking around the towns or plan beach days where you can enjoy taking a walk on the beach.

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